So, Wales is officially emerging from Lockdown Three: great news for a Wales travel industry that needs a whole lot of love having been sorely neglected!   

Even after mid-May when we open to foreign visitors again, continued social distancing measures could still prevent or restrict your visit to our featured places to Explore, as well as to our featured places to Sleep and featured places to Eat and Drink.

But it is definitely time to start discovering undiscovered Wales with us – albeit with sensitivity and caution in what is a difficult time for many people and communities here.

We are taking special care, too, to ensure it is only places that still offer a standout post-lockdown experience for our readers and potential visitors/guests that get featured. 

If, as a result of the many lockdowns or their effects, any of the info in our features or in the ‘At a glance’ sections at the end of ‘Explore’, ‘Eat & Drink’ and ‘Sleep’ features changes, we’ll try and put a Covid-19 update at the end too.

And, for all those times now and in the future when you cannot physically travel to Wales, there are plenty of sections on our site you can still enjoy! Whet your taste buds with our Recipe Corner where those in-the-know in Wales share with you their favourite recipes with Welsh ingredients, Welsh heritage and Welsh inventiveness at their heart and soul – for you to try making at home! Or have more foodie fun with our Great Welsh Food-offs (where producers of a particular food or drink from across Wales put forward their finest products to face off in a taste-off) and Great Welsh Taste Tests (where we profile, compare and contrast a range of offerings from a Welsh food/drinks producer specialising in a particular product). Browse our shiny new Shop area where we profile fantastic independent Welsh stores offering a standout shopping experience (and buy a bit of Wales to enjoy at home). Learn more about the people who live here and what they do to make Wales an even better place than it would have been otherwise with our fabulous Voices of Wales area. Or immerse yourself in our Slow Reads area for journalistic features on intangible but invaluable insights into Wales’ culture, history, place in the world today – and any other strange but beautiful stories that seem apt.