About Us

Luke Waterson, Co-founder:


A novelist and travel writer specialising in the UK outdoors and Latin America, Luke has been visiting Wales since early childhood: it had the closest truly wild countryside to where he grew up. He’s hiked a clutch of Wales’ top long-distance trails including the Offa’s Dyke and Pembrokeshire Coast Paths, has lived in the remote Cambrians since 2016 and now writes about Wales for publications including the Telegraph, Lonely Planet, the BBC, Adventure.com and Morning Calm magazine. His second novel, Song Castle, is also set in 12th-century Wales. Whilst his writing about aspects of the country ranges from the first-ever Eisteddfod (in 1176!) to cliff-jumping, mountain-biking, hiking and ancient fishing techniques, he noticed that there were vast areas of Wales that no publication had the inclination to publish articles on. He thought this was a travesty, and co-founded Undiscovered-Wales out of a desire to fill in the gaps…

Favourite Hike: From Strata Florida Abbey up to the Teifi Pools, the stark and scenic source of the Teifi.

Favourite Welsh Castle: Dryslwyn.

Favourite Welsh Ingredient: With all the moorland in Wales, we get lots of bilberries. Finding and scoffing fistfuls of those is always a highlight of summer.

Favourite Welsh Personality: Lord Rhys – a former prince of Wales. He set about making Wales great not by brute force like most of his medieval contemporaries but by cultural advancement.

Favourite Welsh Word: Mynydd: a hill, or upland. Where I most like to be, basically!

Favourite Event: The Sheep Festival in Llandovery. All things sheep, from cupcakes to artisan sheep’s cheese to shearing demonstrations! Wacky and very, very wooly.

Most Frustrated By: Having to reverse a long way along a single-track country lane for a tractor.

Favourite Sheep Joke: Do sheep ever have nervous breakdowns? No, but they’re often on the verge.


Kerry Walker, Co-founder:


Living in the back-of-beyond in Mid Wales (nope, sorry, can’t say where….), with a view of mountains, moors and sheep-nibbled fields from her study, Kerry has been writing about Wales and the wider world for more than a decade. Her fascination with wild, undiscovered places inspired her to up sticks for the Cambrians in 2016. Since then, she has obsessively travelled the country in search of hidden trails, lonely forests and moors, wacky events and fabulous beaches, often with her camera in hand. She has a passion for foraging, getting hopelessly lost in the hills, walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path whenever there’s the faintest glimmer of sun, and all things sheep related.

Kerry is an award-winning travel writer, Lonely Planet author and Telegraph Wales expert. She contributes regularly to publications including National Geographic Traveller and adventure.com.

Favourite Hike: The short-but-sweet circular walk around Dinas Island in Pembrokeshire in late spring, when the blossom is out and the puffins are returning to Needle Rock.

Favourite Welsh Castle: Dinefwr.

Favourite Welsh Ingredient: Laverbread! Welsh caviar is lush…

Favourite Welsh Personality: Who doesn’t love Dylan Thomas? A poet who liked a pint and has his very own birthday walk (in Laugharne)

Favourite Welsh Word: Igam-ogam. I’m told it translates literally as ‘zigzag’, but basically means ‘going off the beaten track’, something I very much enjoy.

Favourite Event: I was going to say the Sheep Festival, but Luke beat me to it – darn! So it would have to be the Bog Snorkelling World Championships in Llanwrtyd Wells.

Most Frustrated By: Words that appear to have no vowels….

Favourite Sheep Joke: Why did the sheep travel to Nashville? To see Dolly Baa-ton perform.