Café Môr’s Laverbread Brekky Roll

Jonathan Williams runs the fabulously quirky Café Môr, the world’s very first solar-powered, mobile-converted fishing boat and seaweed kitchen. Overlooking Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire, the food truck goes way beyond ordinary beach café grub, incorporating locally foraged ingredients in a menu that skips from this sensational (and sensationally easy to make) brekky roll with laverbread to Pembrokeshire lobster roll with Welsh seaweed butter.   Ingredients … Continue reading Café Môr’s Laverbread Brekky Roll

Pink Peppercorn’s recipe for Fishguard Cawl

Operating from a bright-pink vintage caravan, the Pink Peppercorn food truck fires out innovative modern riffs on traditional Welsh recipes. Owners Alex and Rachel take pride in sourcing the best local, organic and seasonal ingredients, taking their truck to farmers markets, county shows and food festivals across South Wales. Here they give their unique spin on the recipe for Fishguard Cawl, named after the Pembrokeshire … Continue reading Pink Peppercorn’s recipe for Fishguard Cawl