LOBSTER AND MôR: fresh-off-the-boat seafood takeaway, served suavely

Select your lobster from the LOBSTER AND MôR lobster pool… ©Kerry Walker

Fresh seafood to take away at the seaside is always a welcome thing – as much as our mouths salivate over the batter coating in which marine treats often get dished up in Britain, it does sometimes seem like a barrier preventing you from enjoying the true taste of the produce or a smokescreen for the fact those doing the cooking do not know another way of serving it.

There is no fear of that at the idyllic cove-hugging village of Little Haven’s LOBSTER AND MôR, where the raison d’être is a reflection of the business name’s play on words (‘MôR’ means ‘sea’ in Welsh as well as ‘a lot of extra things’). Here, you would struggle to get fresher seafood takeaway unless you were fishing for it yourself.

Why we love it 

©Kerry Walker

A slate table at the entrance informs you that all shellfish for sale was caught on the Martha Rose M75 in area 27 via creels or pots. A tiled lobster pool at the back of the deli-takeaway-cum-high-end-produce-and-crafts-store even allows you to select the very crustacean you fancy cracking into. The intrinsic link between sea and store is so strong, in fact, that the lady in charge even knows exactly when the boat has gone out that morning and when it is due back with new catch.

The vibe

The upended boat gets the prize for the most original shop display case… ©Kerry Walker

Scrumptious seafood is what LOBSTER AND MôR enter the charts with, but this joint is also about being a gastronomic ambassador for this briny nook of Pembrokeshire generally. So the staff are happy to point you in the direction of their other Pembrokeshire wares sold in the little shop surrounding the deli counter: mainly foodie ones, but some crafts and gifts too (the pastiches of the retro British Rail destination posters redone with Pembrokeshire locations and themes make great souvenirs) . Beachgoers amble by outside and – because Little Haven is so utterly lovely – those that pop in seem in fine fettle, perhaps in anticipation of the seafood they are about to consume.

The welcome

Courteous, are the team at LOBSTER AND MôR, and very happy to oblige you with the stories behind each and every one of the items they have for sale. If you wanted to be certain of the link between what you are buying and how it came into being, look no further.

Seafood to go ©Kerry Walker

The menu

Shellfish – in the form of the lobster and crab. You can take away the lobster whole or, more popularly, in between a brioche; grab your crab in a sandwich or in tins of white or mixed crabmeat. But of course that is only an appetite-whetter. Chances are your belly will be communicating to you a dire need for some of the other picnic goodies on offer. A pile of olives, perhaps, or the boldly flavoursome Caws Cenarth cheeses, or a tub of local Upton Farm ice cream, washed down with Wales’ own brand of unusual soft drinks from Heartsease Farm or – what we especially appreciated – Seaweed Ale, effused with Pembrokeshire-foraged seaweed, from Caffle Brewery in Llawhaden near Narberth? There is also a rather wondrous-looking citrussy gin, TIR & MôR, distilled in the nearby Welsh Wind Distillery.

A sampling of crab and lobster with unusual drinks to go comes to almost £20, but it’s £20 after which you’ll be shore of wolfing down an authentic portion of Pembrokeshire.

And whilst you cannot eat inside at the moment, the bench out front, propped up on two lobster pots, is the best seat in the house anyway for partaking of those seafood treats…

NEXT ON THE JOURNEY: From the front door of the takeaway, it’s only 3 miles north to the beautiful beach and stupendous sea caves of Druidston Haven

At a glance

Welcome: 7 A professional but warm welcome.

Food: 9.5 If you’ve gazed longingly out at Little Haven’s charming fishing boat-bobbing harbour and craved a taste of the ocean to go with the visuals, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Location: 9.5 Just back from the bay, where you could squirrel your seafood treats to feast on.

Overall: 8.75

Cost: Not cheap (you’ll probably spend at least £20 on seafood takeaway for two with drinks and accompanying snacks) but you recognise the effort that’s been invested in every stage of the creel-to-meal process, and how what’s available in the shop mirrors the briny character of the nearby coastline.

Opening hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Address/Telephone Number: Grove Place, Little Haven, near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA62 3UG / 01437-781959