Café Môr’s laverbread brekky roll

Making the ultimate brekky roll… © Café Môr / Owen Howells

Jonathan Williams runs the fabulously quirky Café Môr, the world’s very first solar-powered, mobile-converted fishing boat and seaweed kitchen. Overlooking Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire, the food truck goes way beyond ordinary beach café grub, incorporating locally foraged ingredients in a menu that skips from this sensational (and sensationally easy to make) brekky roll with laverbread to Pembrokeshire lobster roll with Welsh seaweed butter.  

Laver seaweed in Pembrokeshire © Café Môr


1 roll
2 rashers streaky bacon
1 free range egg or duck egg
Slice of cheddar cheese
3 tbsp laverbread mixed with 1 tbsp oats
Welsh sea black butter (salted butter mixed with laver seaweed or laverbread)
Café Môr KelpChup/ketchup

Brekky rolls cooking at Café Môr © Café Môr


Place pan on medium heat and warm through, add bacon and make a patty out of the laverbread mix, cooking it next to the bacon. Once the bacon starts to crisp up, turn the laverbread patty over and add the egg. Top the cooked side of the laverbread patty with the cheese and allow to slowly melt. Gently toast the roll. Butter the toasted roll, then add the bacon, laverbread patty, cooked egg, pickles and Café Môr KelpChup (or ketchup).

Sit back and enjoy the finest brekky roll in the land!

Looking for laver seaweed © Café Môr

Serving suggestions
Preferably by a wild, wave-lashed Pembrokeshire beach when the sun is shining but, let’s face it, this brekky bap tastes good pretty much anywhere…

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